As a free spirit i like to dive in all sorts of waters, or as the Maya said:
An explorer of the untravelled voids.
Nevertheless music has always had me in it’s grip. And now itry to turn
things around.
Free-styling always, yet a slight preference for pumping beats, whether
hip-hop or dance, i try to manifest in the world of music.

I hope to work with good vocalists/writers or colleagues one day…

No preferences, from early on, music was the way to calm me down,
even get me to sleep. You might say Vangelis and some sweet rock
ballads hypnoprogressed me to who i am now.
I admire all artists that create and try not to fit in a box, wich often
aren’t the famous ones…

Advice: People should do whatever their Heart feels like.
What you like, you do awesome.
What you do awesome, people will admire.
What people admire, is the spil of society.